In order for us to maintain the integrity of our community, we must set standards on the documentation we can accept. Below you can find the documents that are acceptable for H+ verification. Don't worry about this informaton being stored anywhere on our servers, we can assure you that these documents are IMMEDIATELY deleted upon verification.


Photo Identification:

  • State issued ID
  • State issued Driver's License
  • Passport
  • Permanent Resident Card (recent, recognizable photograph)
  • Naturalization Card
  • Certificate of Citizenship


Note: You may hide or remove your address if you don't feel comfortable sending it as we do not need it for verification, however your Name, Date of Birth and Photo must be visible.


Medical Records:

  • H+ blood test results from a certified lab
  • H+ culture swab test results from a certified lab
  • H+ oral fluid test results from a certified lab
  • Pap test results from a certified lab
  • In cases where there is no viable test (such as HPV in men), we can accept certain documents from your doctor diagnosing you H+


Additional Requirements:

  • The ID and medical record you submit must have the same name on them, otherwise your verification request will be denied.
  • We must be able to see your name on the same page as the H+ result, otherwise you must upload the entire document. In this case, if any pages are missing your request will be denied.


We understand that not everyone has copies of their medical records lying around, and it's not always easy getting them, but keeping our community private is the foundation of H+. 


Here are some suggestions to get your records if you are having a hard time getting them.

  • Go to your provider's website and find an email for your physician. Send them an email asking them to call you. Believe it or not, this works on occasion.
  • Check any patient portal that you have been given access to. Your records may be there. Check your email for information on a portal that may been previously sent to you.
  • Call your doctors office and if you aren't able to get in touch with someone, make it known to the front desk you are having a hard time and sometimes they will go out of their way to get someone on the phone for you.
  • If all else fails, physically go to your doctor's office. They are much more willing to give you what you want when you're standing in their office.


If you need any support or encounter issues, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page to let us know!