Our Mission Statement: 

  • H+ LIFE is dedicated to providing support and education as well as a safe and private community to those living with HSV, HPV & HIV through our social media platform. We want you to know that your life is not over and to help #FightTheStigma through #MyHplusLife


We don’t charge you to use H+ Life. Instead, we try to cover the costs by showing ads and accepting donations. We also offer some special features with our membership programs but we fundamentally believe it's a basic human right to have free access to connect with others and we will never charge for that. 

H+ Life was created shortly after I was diagnosed with HSV-2. I remember going home and I couldn't even get out of my car. I sat in the driveway all night, thinking that my life was over. Once I started to research it, I was shocked at how uneducated I was in this disease, as well as much of the public for that matter. I spent the next week researching and reading anything I could find online. What I found is that there are over 400 million people worldwide who have HSV2 (and around 3.7 BILLION that have HSV-1) along with over 100 million more living with HIV or HPV. With education and modern medicine, all of these diseases can be non-life threatening so that led me to start looking for others who understood what I was going through. I really needed support so I turned to social media and what I found was an overwhelming amount of people struggling with the same emotions I was. As I joined several facebook groups the theme was the same. A small amount of people, spread out all over the country, and post after post of people struggling with dating, disclosing, and the fear of being alone forever because of this virus. A fear to disclose to any friends or family because of the stigma associated with it. I share those fears. I started looking for local groups to my city, or even state, with no luck whatsoever. With the high number of carriers, I just assumed they are in secret groups to protect their privacy and there is no way for me to find them. If I can't find them, how can anyone else? That's when I knew I had to do something.

I put in countless hours, days, weeks, and months building H+ Life. I dream of providing a place where anyone struggling with these diseases can go without feeling alone because they can't find anyone near them to build real connections with. I want US to build campaigns to get people TESTED! It is estimated 80% - 90% of carriers are unaware they have HSV. I want to help educate the public and to #FightTheStigma that forces us to hide! I want US to build a community that provides support to anyone going through what we've all experienced on our own. I want US to push our governments to make developing a vaccine more of a priority! I want US to develop campaigns to help fund research. When we come together we will have a MUCH louder voice! There's no limit to how far we can take this community.

But at the end of the day, I can't do it alone. It's going to take a lot of help from a lot of people. From sharing, word of mouth, bringing content and friends to the site, suggestions, volunteering and yes it also costs money.

H+ Life is privately funded and developed. So, I am asking for your help now. If you would like to see this community grow, please donate. The thought of making money with this platform has never entered my mind, but if it grows, I won't be able to afford to keep it alive without your help. You may choose one of the predefined amounts or you may enter any amount you are comfortable with. 

Your subscribtions and donations will be used for:

Hosting services
Software maintenance and fixes
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I want you all to know that we are dedicated to building this community. I appreciate anything you can give. 100% of your donations WILL be put back into the H+ community. Please use the contact form if you have any questions or suggestions.