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by - April 11, 2020


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Our Mission Statement


  • H+ LIFE is dedicated to providing support and education as well as a safe and private community to those living with HSV, HPV & HIV through our social media platform. We want you to know that your life is not over and to help #FightTheStigma through #MyHplusLife





There are so many ways that we would like to help the H+ Community, and we certainly hope that we can grow and achieve all of them and more! Our core focus right now is providing a place to connect with others that is not only FREE and EASY TO FIND (as opposed to secret groups on a much more public platform), but that also protects it's users privacy, which is something that is extremely important to us. Of course we want to #FightTheStigma that forces us to hide, but the reality is, the majority of people want and need a private space until they are ready to publicly disclose their status, if at all, and our goal is to provide that.


We know what it's like feeling that your life is over, and that's why we created the hashtag #MyHplusLife which we suggest our members to use whenever they want to show that being H+ hasn't stopped them from living their best life. It can be used when sharing photos or videos of family, friends, travels, adventures, etc... Our goal is to show people who come to H+ Life that their LIFE is not over like so many of us believe it is after finding out.


In addition to those core goals, we want to provide a user experience that we feel everyone deserves and that you're already familiar with. Our users can create their own pages, groups, or events. We feel like this is an important feature to connect people locally to each other.


While we understand the cost of development and amout of resources it takes to create and operate any app, we think we can do better, and should do better. When we see people struggling to connect with others and finding themselves on another dating app who's only focus is to take their money, it just doesn't sit right with us. At H+ Life we believe it is a fundamental right to have free access to connect with others and we will NEVER charge for that.




Most people are uneducated about STI's, and we want to help anyone struggling with just finding out, and educate the public that these diseases don't discriminate. They affect everyone. Most people don't realize how common they are and with education and modern medicine, all of these diseases can be non-life threatening and they don't make any one of us less important. We want to provide a place where anyone can go to easily find answers to any question they may have, or to find content that can make sharing their story with family or friends easier for them. It's important to note that while we aren't medical professionals, we realize that searching the internet for hours and hours to find information or content is not something that is easy for everyone. We've been there. Our goal is to collect facts, from trusted medical sources and compile them into a more user friendly platform and provide key information in an easier to understand format.


Content Delivery


Having a go to source that can easily integrate anyone's content that they want to share with our members is what makes H+ Life unique. Instead of going to a number of different sites, we want to make it easy for our users by providing a platform where anyone can share their content. From medical professionals, bloggers, sex experts to life coaches. If someone is interested in your content, they can follow through directly to your site to learn more about you or your business. We currently have youtube integration and anyone can share videos, or add their own or favorite youtube channels, directly on H+ Life and we'll automatically update your channel whenever you post new content. Try it out! Additionally, you can import your blog via RSS so our users can follow and share your content. Again, we'll automatically update and bring in new content as you create it. Any of our users can add their own or favorite RSS feed. You can even start a new blog, hosted for free, right on H+ Life. The main benefit is for the user, compiling content from an endless number of amazing professionals, researchers and writers and putting it in a private space where they can connect, share and discuss your content with others who are facing the same challenges, instead of a public network where their privacy is not protected. Let's be honest, most users will not share this type of content on their public Facebook page. The benefit to the creator is more visibility and exposure of their content, at no cost to them, which will ultimately drive more traffic to their website and business. 




Another important goal at H+ Life is providing support. We all know that being diagnosed with any one of these diseases can be devastating to our mental health. That's one of the main goals of using #MyHplusLife so anyone feeling like their life is over can see that just isn't true. We have a wide range of features that our members can use to get support, from engaging with user content, to building friendships or creating and joining community groups but sometimes we all need someone to talk to, who is trained and experienced. A long term goal at H+ Life is to have a support system in place for anyone who needs mental or emotional support. This could be a team of trusted advisors, life coaches, licensed counselors etc... and we want to make that readily available at no cost to our users. Obviously, that is not something that is easily achievable, but we want you to know it is something that is very important to us.




We hope to build campaigns to get people TESTED! According to the CDC, over 60% of Americans have NEVER been tested for HIV,[1] even though it's recommended. Additionally, more than 1 in 6 Americans have genital herpes,[2] and between 80% - 90% of them have NEVER been tested,[3] something that is likely to continue since the CDC doesn't recommend HSV testing without clinical symptoms. An estimated 80% of sexually active people will have HPV at some point in their lives[4] and more than half of the women in the United States who get cervical cancer have never had or rarely had a Pap test.[5] If we come together, we can do better than this.


Another long term goal at H+ Life is to build campaigns to help fund research, and push our governments to make finding a vaccine more of a priority. We know there are already many individuals out there working on this right now. Our goal is providing a place where we can all work together. When we come together we will have a MUCH louder voice!





As you are aware, H+ Life is currently under development. Something that we feel is unique, is that we actually want you to be involved. We want your opinions, feedback, and suggestions.  We don't want to build a community for us, we are building it for YOU! We want to know what is important to you and for that reason we've given our users the opportunity to have their voice heard. We've created a development platform (which can be found on the main menu) where users can submit feedback, reviews, feature suggestions, bug reports etc... 


Addtionally, we understand that some users may not feel comfortable joining our community just yet. We get it, but keep in mind, we are in the same position as you. We are all H+ and are focused on building a better life for all of us. 


With that being said, we hope that you will follow us on one of platforms below, where you can stay up to date with our progress.


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